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Former Defence Minister George Fernandes Punyatithi Posters

A firebrand leader as a trade unionist who held several important portfolios at the Centre, George Mathew Fernandes died on January 29, 2019. A member of the Janata Dal and founder of the Samata Party, he is known for his resistance to the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. A picture of Fernandes from the time, his hands shackled, became one of the defining images of the era. As industries minister he chased out the likes of Coca Cola and IBM from the country for violations. However, his later term as Defence Minister in the NDA government was marred by controversies. He did not keep well for an extended period later in his life, dying at the age of 88 on this day.We make all national day international day.Posters are a common way to commemorate and remember a loved one or public figure on their death anniversary. They can be used in a variety of settings such as religious institutions, community centers, or even on the street.

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