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Wadda Ghallu Ghara Posters

Last Sunday marked the anniversary of the second Ghallughara called the Vadda (major) Ghallughara (Holocaust), which occurred on 5th February 1762 at a place named Kup Rahira, located approximately 12 Km north of Malerkotla in the Punjab state of India.

On receiving information from his informer Akal Das of Jandiala Ahmad Shah Durrani (also known as Ahmad Shah Abdali) during his sixth invasion of India came to attack and destroy Sikhi down to its roots. Ahmed Shah Durani reached Lahore on 3rd February 1762 with a large army, huge armaments and artillery. Recognising the danger, Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia and Sardar Charat Singh Sukarchakiya, the Sikh Chiefs, left Lahore and proceeded towards Malwa and after crossing the River Satluj. Singhs were 40,000 in number with an additional 10,000 women, children and elderly folk by that time. The Singhs wanted to move the women and children to Bikaner for safety. Ahmed Shah instructed Zain Khan his Subahdar (Governor) of Sirhand to keep the Singhs engaged till his arrival. They intended to kill them altogether the next day, with Bhikhan Khan of Malerkotla also joining Zain Khan.

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